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Andras & Rafael



We are Andras and Rafael. 

This is a little bit about us, but we are happy if you'd like to get in touch and know a bit more!

We have been close friends for over five years now, with photography being our shared passion.

It has nearly always been the topic of our conversation - where we can go next, which courses could help us improve, which gear to invest in next, and tweaking the tiny details to get things perfect.

Because we love capturing moments and having a fantastic time while doing it. 

And what moments could be better to capture than moments on the most special day of your life?

So we began shooting weddings, learning more and taking courses. 

That’s how we started The Wedding Boys. 

We find ourselves very grateful to capture your Wedding Day, and to produce images which will become memories to share to last a lifetime. 

We will be there for you bright and early on your special day, with a big smile - energised and excited,

because we love what we do. 

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